F.I.R. 愛‧歌姬 “Love.Diva”

“Fei Er Band” 飛兒樂團 or better known as F.I.R. is a mandarin-pop-band based in Taiwan. 95% of the time, the band compose and produce their songs.  The lead-vocalist is the girl, the pianist is a well-known Taiwanese music producer and the guitarist is a talented lyricist, composer and singer. Their latest album released in September of 2007 […]

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Chanel Sports

I was browsing an online blog and I came across these: Chanel Sports Equipments. I mean, in all seriousness, who would buy a tennis racquet, a bicycle, a snowboard, etc., that can easily cost beyond 1K when the same equipments with even better specs can be bought with less that 500 bucks. I thought it […]

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