Another Apple Product

I can feel this weekend is going to be hectic, but at the same time excited?  I hope I won’t be too tired. I guess I’m becoming more indolent and nonchalant about issues that are not career or family related. Sounding like a pessimist, but there are always priorities I need to focus on. However, glad to know my former two years suite-mate from college is visiting from Thailand tomorrow. It should be some catching-up and good times. 

While visiting the mall today, came across from a crowd of people who are waiting to purchase the newest Apple product, iPhone 3G. However, I read from a credible online source saying that Apple is encountering some activation problem with their new gadget. Apparently, customers used to activate their own phones at home (which speeds-up the process), but with some unknown reasons to me, Apple or the phone carrier is activating all the phones this time. Unfortunately, today the company is encountering some server problems related to iTunes, which is bringing longer line and longer wait for the entire process. On the brighter side, I’m glad Apple lowered the price for this edition of iPhone. It seems like the company does not know how much to charge for their phones. Just look at the mess they had with their last edition. I wonder how many customers got enraged with that last incident. 
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