Heat Stroke || First Post

Incredibly hot and sticky; or should I say an unbearable weather. What a typical summer in the state of MA. Some rain would be nice, but not those torrential downpours accompanied with thunderstorms. All I am wishing for is a couple of drops to freshen up the atmosphere and bring some coolness to the area. I just don’t appreciate the feeling of having to take many cold showers per day and still suffering from the heat once you walk out of the bathroom.  

It is currently 5 A.M. and yes, a night owl is still awake. Somehow I don’t feel as sleepy as I should, but definitely going to bed after my first post. This is my first official blog and I’m excited! I’ve failed many times on keeping one, but this time I’m determined. Probably because I like the template and I just have more to say and share. Anyways, enough said for today and here I come Mr. Bed! Good night or even better, good morning everyone 🙂 
With Love & Luck

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