Is China Credible?

I’ve never been this exasperated with a country. Thanks to the People of Republic of China, a country where human rights, moralities, and food products are questioned, I finally learned what is called real callous acts. Kudos to their wrongly acts, countries are both recalling and banning their food products and categorizing the “Asian Face” as unethical.  Inevitably, countries are susceptible to mistakes and people do forgive and accept apologies. However, when a string of non-stop insensitive incidents follow like dominoes fall, I do start to question and doubt that country’s reliability. Let’s not bother going back to 2007 and just start with 2008… first the Tibet incident, then all the fake promises with the Olympic game, and recently the tainted baby formula and milk. Are the Chinese government and business men a bunch of immoral, mendacious charlatan? Because of desperateness for bringing name and fame to one’s own country or earning some extra buck, is it necessary to put thousands or maybe millions of  lives in danger? 

No doubt, there is no integrity in those Chinese business men and their egregious government. They even dare to victimize babies for their own profit. Do they know how to define sinful and atrocious? Maybe they should look at themselves in the mirror and get the accurate definition.  True, other countries have done acts to be penalized for, but not to this extent. Watching or reading daily news and always having the name China brought up for uncalled behavior is truly preposterous. Time for them to make a check-list for the good deeds they have done.  
By the way, I still find it unbelievable how many Chinese citizens defend and support their government after all these outrageous measures. China’s conduct is beyond deplorable and there are still Chinese people accusing the non-Chinese consumers with questions like “who told you to purchase products from China? who told you to be stingy and buy cheap stuffs made in China?” just shows me how people can be SHAMELESS! 
“Such callous indifference to the human consequences of their additional profit-seeking is just as heinous as any multiple murder.” Opinions and Comments section of CNN from Mario G. 

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