Lexus LF-Xh 2010

And I thought Porsche Cayenne is one sexy ride, but Lexus RX 350/LF-Xh  of year 2010 blew me away. The exterior design is sleek, fierce, and simply futuristic. I also got a peek of the interior design, reminds me of the Lexus from the movie “Minority Report”. Let’s just hope the maneuver of the car meets our expectation. Some basic specs of this 2010 beauty: 

+ 3.5L V6 engine, remains the same as the old RX, but pumping out an extra 5hp to 275hp and 6lb-ft of torque
+ the wheelbase has been extended
+ overall vehicle length and width has been increased and the height bumped up significantly
+ 18″ wheels are now standard
+ a new sport-tuned suspension will be available as an option
The biggest difference between the old and new is the increase in hight and weight! Definitely weight, the chassis of the older models are just way too light. If the car isn’t loaded with passengers or with goods, it is better not to drive above 70mph. Anyways, there is no need to drive fast with a SUV. However, at times when driving on the highway, it is easy to reach a speed of 70mph and you can feel the car waver. Another concern is the car’s turning radius. I have driven bigger SUVs with better turning radius so technically speaking, size shouldn’t be an issue when making U-turns or drastic turns. 
Short Commercial-Like Footage of the LF-Xh

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