Top Five Confession

We are always searching for the best, but there are time we cannot help but turn back and stick with the original. Why? Two reasons: you cannot find someone else to replace and “the natives” have always have a special place within your heart. The following are five men that are beyond special to me; either knowing them personally or not. No one can supersede their throne, at least until this day. And in no particular order, here we go… 
No.5 K
Resembles my first Asian crush whom I met during summer of 2000. His smile and face have forever imprinted in my memory and every time I see this singer, a smile just surface on my face. 
No.4 Kim Sung Soo
Come’n, it’s Kim Sung Soo: fine fine fine. The first time I saw him in this korean drama, he captured all my senses. Physically, at least for me, he’s just way beyond fine. Manly and sexy!
No.3 Jang Dong Gun
The epitome of a hot korean actor. He got it all: reputation, sexiness, manliness, height, charisma, etc., Who can have the heart to reject him? 
No.2 Cookie
Haven’t seen or met any dog more handsome than Mr. Cookie. When he was alive, he was the king of the dog. Got the wit, looks, and built. R.I.P. little brother. You will always be the best dog ever!
No.1 Mr. Anonymous
Finally someone I know! He’s just the ideal boy. Met him when I was in high school and we are still friends. Both of us have been single since the day we met “crazy I know”. The more I try to swim-away and look for other fishes, explore the ocean, he always re-appear in my mind. I feel everything is like a circle, always going back to the beginning. 
With Love & Luck, 

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