We Are Back!

After one year of separation, The Girlsare finally back and reunited in the city of Boston, MA. Wonderful weekend, great laughs and overall,  great time! The cameras were working non stop to capture great moments and truthfully, blinding for my eyes. First stop of the night, dinner was served at the well-known seafood restaurant, Legal Seafoods. Second stop of the night was visiting Venu, a nightclub/lounge/bar where everyone danced and drank the night away; well, at least that is what I did. 😛 Next day, it was a relaxing, beautiful summer day in Boston so we decided to visit a farm where everyone had home-made ice-cream and battled in the water: bumper boats! 

Final point, we will be back! Who knows when, but we will see you soon 😀  For now, Hasta La Vista Baby. 
With Love & Luck,

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