The Band Y2J [神木與瞳]

My new favorite Taiwanese duo band, Y2J “神木與瞳”, consists of Yuming and Jane. If my memory serves me right, they are both finalists of the Taiwanese version of American Idol, One Million Star, and Yuming is the season’s winner. I would categorize their music under soft rock, with a speck of ballad influence. Main song and title of this album is Live For You “為你而活”. Other great songs include: Love Necklace”愛鍊”, Love Before Doom’s Day “愛在末日前”, The Armed Rose “武裝的薔薇”, and Grass Ring “草戒指”.  There is a total of twelve songs in this album, which debuted in August 2008. 

To listen and download the songs mentioned above, which are my personal favorites, please refer to the following links. However, please support the artist by purchasing their album through 

為你而活 “Live For You”  Listen||Download

愛鍊 “Love Necklace”  Listen||Download

愛在末日前 “Love Before Doom’s Day”  Listen||Download

武裝的薔薇 “The Armed Rose”  Listen||Download

草戒指 “Grass Ring”  Listen||Download

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