FOUR plus ONE ballads

More Mandarin music to share with y’all! I’m basing this post on four ballad artists: Aska Yang, Peter Pan (yes literally, that is his name), Wilber Pan, and Yoga Lin. Not going to lie, but these guys have unconventional and slightly strange names. Aska, Peter and Yoga are the first season’s contestants of the Taiwanese version of American Idol, One Million Star. Yoga is the winner and Peter is either the runner-up or third place. Aska had to abandon the contest due to some issues that I won’t explain, because it is a long story. Everyone says and knows if he did not leave the contest, he would have won and it is a fact that I agree! 

潘裕文 Peter Pan “夏雨詩” Summer Rain Poetry  [please support artist by buying the album at]

*Summer Rain Poetry “夏雨詩” Listen||Download

林宥嘉 Yoga Lin “神祕嘉賓 ” Mystery  [please support artist by buying the album at]

*Mere Happiness “伯樂 ” Listen||Download 

潘瑋柏 Wilber Pan “Will’s未來式” Will’s Future  [please support artist by buying the album at]

*Transit (Mandarin Version) “轉機 (國語版)” Listen||Download

*Transit (Cantonese Version) “轉機 (粵)” Listen||Download

*Come With Me “跟我走吧” Listen||Download

*Professional “高手” Listen||Download 

*Can’t Help But Love “不得不愛” Listen||Download

楊宗緯 Aska Yang “鴿子 ” Dove  [please support the artist by buying the album at]

*Dove “鴿子” Listen||Download

*Onions “洋蔥” Listen||Download

*Wind of Happiness “幸福的風 ” Listen||Download

*Star Over, OK? “重來好不好 ” Listen||Download 

*Love Exists “存愛 ” Listen||Download

And just an addition, the plus one, I’m adding couple of songs from Rainie Yang‘s new album. It just came-out of the oven not long ago. [Please support the artist by buying the album at]

楊丞琳 Rainie Yang “半熟宣言” Not Yet a Woman 

*Take me Away “帶我走” Listen||Download

*Not Yet a Woman “半熟宣言” Listen||Download

*Cold War “冷戰” Listen||Download

*Rhythm of Happiness “幸福的節拍” Listen||Download

*Smiling in your Hug “在你懷裡的微笑” Listen||Download 


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