Chanel Sports

I was browsing an online blog and I came across these: Chanel Sports Equipments. I mean, in all seriousness, who would buy a tennis racquet, a bicycle, a snowboard, etc., that can easily cost beyond 1K when the same equipments with even better specs can be bought with less that 500 bucks. I thought it is preposterous for them to even have these sports equipments. Chanel should just stick with what they know best: clothes and its accessories. I decided to investigate how much the bike cost, and it’s around 15k, definitely over-priced and ridiculous. Moreover, fishing rod with boxes to contain flies cost around 13K, no thank you. I guess Karl Lagerfeld thought CoCo Chanel would appreciate his efforts to create a Chanel sports line to meet her needs of involving trend in everything. CoCo is probably a big fan of snow sports and fishing. 

As much as I like Chanel as a brand -their items are classy and chic- I still believe sport is not their field of expertise. In addition, anything that carries that double C logo on it is over-priced. Ranging from all their accessories, to handbags, to clothes. Maybe that is why there are so many counterfeit Chanel items on the streets and maybe there is a reason I am not aware of about the brand having preposterous price tags.


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