F.I.R. 愛‧歌姬 “Love.Diva”

“Fei Er Band” 飛兒樂團 or better known as F.I.R. is a mandarin-pop-band based in Taiwan. 95% of the time, the band compose and produce their songs.  The lead-vocalist is the girl, the pianist is a well-known Taiwanese music producer and the guitarist is a talented lyricist, composer and singer. Their latest album released in September of 2007 is  愛‧歌姬 “Love.Diva” and like all their albums, this one is also a huge success. The first song from the album that is released to the public is 月牙灣 “Yue Ya Wan”. The melody of the song is composed by the guitarist of the band and the theme is based on this western-exotic area in China called 敦煌 “dun huang“. When people think or define that area, they will relate it to exotic-goddess beauties, large desserts, buddhism, and a bit of arabian style music. I don’t know how to describe the culture and feelings exactly as it is portrayed since I’ve never been to Dunhuang.  

Nevertheless, the point is to introduce this “Yue Ya Wan”. In DunHuang, there is a lake called the Crescent Lake and in Mandarin is 月牙泉 “Yue Ya Quan“. Yue means the moon and Yue Ya means half-moon. Basically, the name of the lake is thought after the shape of the lake resembling a half-moon. Thus, the song 月牙灣 “Yue Ya Wan”, litereally means the bay of Yue Ya, is based on this love developed around this Crescent Lake and incorporating the culture of DunHuang. I hope my explanation didn’t confuse anyone. 

Before I post the lyrics and everything related to “Yue Ya Wan”, let me post songs that I love from the album. Please support the album by buying it at yesasia.com 

愛過 “Already Loved”  Listen||Download 

需要你的愛 “Need your Love” Featuring Shin  Listen||Download

真愛地圖 “Real Love Map”  Listen||Download

Change  Listen||Download

三個心願 “Three Wishes”  Listen||Download Sang between the guitarist and the lead-vocal

第十行星 “Tenth Planet” Listen||Download

The lyrics of 月牙灣 “Yue Ya Bay” is as beautiful as its melody. I jacked the translation and pin-ying of the lyrics from another blog, because I’m too lazy to do any of those, but I double-checked the lyrics and polished the translation for better understanding. Listen||Download

dun huang tian kong de sha li
The grit from the skies of Dun Huang
dai zhe wo men de ji yi
Carries our memories with them
wo cong ban lu kan hui qu
I look back midway
zhe qin guan man man hao wan qu
This love passage is boundless and winding
meng xiang chuan guo le xi yu
Dream passed through the Western Regions
bao han le duo shao de chan yi
Incorporating many religious/buddhist meaning
ai qing xiang yi ben you ji
Love is like a journey
wo hui zhao xun ta de mi yu
I will seek its riddle

kan yue ya wan xia de lei guang
Look at the tears under Yue Ya Wan
zai si lu zhi shang bei yi wang
Which is forgotten above the Silk Road
shi shui de xing na
Whose heart is it
gu dan di liu xia
Left-behind with loneliness
ta hai hao ma
Is he still well
wo duo xiang ai ta
How much I love him

na yong heng de lei
Those everlasting tears
ning gu na yi ju hua
Solidify that one sentence
ye xu ke neng zheng fa
Perhaps they can evaporate
shi shui de ai a
Whose love is it
bi lei shui jian qiang
That is stronger than tears
qing sheng hu huan
Calling softly
jiu rang wo rong hua
(That can) let me melt
mei yi di yu shui
Every drop of rainwater
yan hua cheng wo chi bang
Evolves into my wings
xiang zhe wo ai de ren zhui ba
Chasing after the person that I love


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